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Metal Golden Filament

Metal Golden Filament 1.75mm/3.0mm

Description:It texture is similar to Metal Gold
Features:Compatible with all types of FDM 3D printers, suitable for printing artworksand crafts.


Diameter Tolerance±0.03MM ;

Print Temp:195-230℃

Workshop: Dusty-Free Workshop

Raw Material: USA brand New PLA raw material

Color Available: More than 20 different colors free at your choice;

We also can make any colors for your requirement;

Packaging Available:

Net Weight 0.25kg/spool;

Net Weight 0.5kg/spool;

Net Weight: 1kg/spool;

For Net Weight 1kg/spool package details:

N.W.:1 KG/spool

BOX SIZE: 200×200×80mm ( 20 boxes will be packed by one carton)

CTN. SIZE:  430×430×440mm